Create Killer Vacation Rental Property Photos

“I’ve been reading your e-book and I think it is exactly what many of our clients need!

You really did a great job with this book–the examples given, ie. “Tilt” are what we see here all day long!

Dark shadows and poor composition also strike a chord.

The e-book format lends itself perfectly to photography as well–you get the high-res photos/illustrations that way.

I’m definitely going to recommend your book because I think our clients can really benefit from it.”
– Matthew, owner of VacationRentalDesk

I loved it! Great info, easy to understand. Exactly what I need to know to get me started.
– Cari, Atlanta, vacation rental property owner

Create Killer Vacation Rental Property Photos

a How-To for Owners with Key Step-by-Step Instructions

It’s no secret that vacation rental listings with fabulous photos receive more inquiries and more reservations than a listing with shoddy photos.

But what seems to elude the average owner is the secret to obtaining those magical property photos, without hiring a professional real estate photographer.

Create Killer Vacation Rental Property Photos reveals the hidden secrets, the ancient myths, and the rock solid truths about vacation rental photography and how you can achieve the mysterious and elusive photos for yourself.

The PDF file includes 85 pages and many, many full color photos for your learning and reading delight.


Brilliant. This eBook will help many, many folks with their vacation rental. I know others who would love this book.
– Wendy, Wyoming, vacation rental property owner


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