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Vacation Rental Photography Video Course

Are photos really that important to marketing a vacation rental property? What is wrong with walking through a property with your smartphone camera in hand?

Tom Hale, former COO of tells us why:

“When we look at the behavior of users on our site, overwhelmingly it is the photos that users click. Our A/B testing demonstrates conclusively that more appealing photos (well lit, well composed, correctly exposed, well staged) convert better than, well, unappealing photos.

Before and after of owner's photo and pro photo by Tyann Marcink

Before and after of owner’s photo and pro photo by Tyann Marcink

“It makes sense doesn’t it? When you are planning a vacation with your family and friends, it is the photos that catch your eye as you flip through properties.

“It is the photos that you click on to get a sense of a property.

“It is the photos that convey the intangibles of a vacation you may pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for: in a house you have never seen, rented from a person you do not know.

“It is the photos that tell you if the house is right for your reunion, your Christmas morning, or a romantic getaway. The photos give you a sense of the unique amenities or the owner’s sense of style.

“Photos matter.

“Your pictures start a family dreaming of a great vacation. Your pictures move them down the path of selecting the right property. Your pictures may make the difference in whether or not a family makes a reservation.”

The great room at Creekside Cottage by Tyann Marcink

The great room at Creekside Cottage by Tyann Marcink

This workshop will lead you through every step of the way to create killer vacation rental property photos. Whether you are a photographer, a property owner, or a property manager, I will personally show you how I create the images that entice you to want to be inside the very photograph you are looking at.


  • my ebook The Ultimate Guide to Vacation Rental Property Photography ($79 value)
  • my ebook 5 Quickies for Vacation Rental Photographers
  • checklist for staging properties
  • exclusive discussion forum to ask any questions you would like
  • sample copy of my basic contract
  • my video course ($229 value)

The video course follows me through a complete vacation rental property shoot in Sea Ranch, California. I show you how I stage the property, shoot the images, and then edit the photos.

You will learn how I create vacation rental property images that make you want to be at the property yourself.

Because that is the goal of the images – to make someone desire to experience what is in the photograph for themselves.

Backyard of Palm Palace in Palm Springs, California.

Backyard of Palm Palace in Palm Springs, California, photo by Tyann Marcink



Workshop includes instruction on:

  • staging for vacation rentals
  • composition of your marketing photos
  • post processing the images
  • understanding what owners/hosts want in images
  • other services to offer with your photography




(subject to adjustment as needed)

2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
  • basic staging of the property
  • shooting interior
8:00 am – 2:00 pm
(lunch will be provided)
  • shooting the exterior
  • shooting the details
  • additional staging
  • post processing
  • additional income (websites, video, social media)
Hermosa Beach cottage, photo by Tyann Marcink

Hermosa Beach cottage, photo by Tyann Marcink


Must be familiar with the exposure triangle and shoot on either manual or aperture priority. All shooting will be done on manual during the workshop.

What to bring

  • DSLR camera
  • wide angle lens (kit lens of 18mm will work, but wider is better)
  • 50mm lens
  • longer lens (in the area of 70-105mm, i.e. 18-300 mm zoom lens will work)
  • tripod
  • remote trigger release
  • laptop
  • Lightroom
  • Photoshop
  • notebook and pen
  • snacks


Vacation Rental Photography Workshop

$800 regular
$495 early bird registration
April 15-16, 2018
Washington, Missouri

Maximum of 6 participants




There are several hotels and HomeAway/Airbnb places in the Union/Washington area.


If you are not ready to attend a workshop or the dates don’t work for you, be sure to snag my video course and watch for future workshop dates.

If you have any questions about the Vacation Rental Photography Workshop, please feel free to contact me.

I’ll see you soon!

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