• Princeville vacation rental, North Shore, Kauai - lanai

Kauai Property Photo Shoot

Yes, I do go to the best places on this planet, and I love it! Here are a few of my favorites from the villa I photographed in Kauai. Stay here yourself - it is 3 bedrooms and 3 baths and sleeps 6 people. See the VRBO listing here. Have a larger group? I know the owner of the villa next door as well! Princeville vacation rental, North Shore, Kauai

  • 3 Reasons for Video Content Marketing for Your Vacation Rental Property

3 Reasons to Use Video Content in Your Marketing [Guest Post from Lodgify]

Many of us shudder and shrink into our skin with just the thought of putting ourselves on video and having to see and hear ourselves. Why would we ever go through the ordeal of video??? I am a big supporter of creating video and photo content, as you well know, but I wanted you to hear from another voice besides my own. Here is what my friend Jess Ashworth with Lodgify shares with you...

Makeover Takeover: San Ramon Villa

Gina called me in the middle of our Missouri winter and asked if I would be willing to fly out to California to shoot her property. It did not take us long to sort out the details, and Southwest Airlines had my money.

  • Vlog Episode 4: Eradicate

Vlog Episode 4: Eradicate

Striped socks, a disaster in my basement, and words I am replacing in my vocabulary. February 3, 2017 If you are curious about my striped socks, I picked them up in support of 4 kids who were raising money at Christmas to give an African village a pump for their well. A well that these same 4 kids helped to provide for the village 3 years before. You can read their story on my blog... Vlog Episode 4 Eradicate