Vlog Episode 1: The Beginning – Just Do It

Vlog Episode 1: The Beginning - Just Do It The days are numbered for the Washington bridge over the Missouri River, ice floating down the river, framing pieces for an art show, a tour of the Xpresso Coffee Shop, a photography student, and why Tyann Marcink started a vlog, with her words of wisdom for the morning of January 9, 2017.

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Video: Travel Highlights Reel for 2016

Bloom. That was my word for 2016. I even had it stamped on a charm that I wore around my neck nearly every single day. One thing about the word bloom is that in can be a noun or a verb. In a sense, my work bloomed in 2016, and I did so as a person as well, becoming a bloom in a field of many other beautiful and unique blooms. Last year I traveled more in a year than I had ever before. Actually, I probably traveled more in that one year than the previous 35 years put together...well, almost. Lol.

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HomeAway Hospitality Owner Dashboard

Many owners are not using the HomeAway Hospitality Manager to its fullest capabilities. In this video I walk you through how I have my own personal Hospitality Manager set up, as well as tips on how the Hospitality Manager works and interacts with your guests.

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Ask Me Anything – Episode 001

I did this crazy thing the other day. I went on Facebook Live and let people ask me anything about my businesses and life. And suddenly, the 90 minutes I had allotted had flown by, and I had answered quite a few questions from people located all over the world.

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