It doesn’t have to be perfect – make it a memory.

There may or may not have been a couple bribes bargained to get there, but you finally have the kids, yourself, your significant other, and maybe even a few extra family members all spit shined in your newest spring duds.

And you have a brilliant idea – why not take a picture?

I mean, you are all dressed up, faces are somewhat clean, and you are pretty sure you can coax a few smiles with promises of chocolate bunnies after lunch. So why wouldn’t you do it?

Absolutely do it!

Grab whatever recording device you can find and snap those photos. Don’t bemoan that the batteries are dead in your camera, just open the Instagram app and capture this moment.

Trust me, seize the moment.

That was our Easter morning every year when I was growing up. Minus Instagram, of course! My brothers and I would line up on the porch for a quick photo before getting into the car to head to church.

Here are a few tips to help with your own family photos:

1. Make time for the photos. Get everyone ready 15 minutes earlier so that you have the time to take a photo. Whether you decide to do it before church or when you get to Grandma’s house, make the time for pictures.

2. Get in the photo yourself. Most cameras have a timer that you can press to give yourself 10 seconds to get in the picture before the photo is taken. Use this feature! Set the camera on a chair or another solid surface and then hug your kids and smile.

3. Create a tradition with the location you shoot your photo at. Maybe it’s on your porch, standing by the railing like we did when I was a kid. Or it could be everyone squeezed together on the couch.

All the kids at Grandma’s house.

4. Don’t worry about smiles. Tell a joke, do a group hug, tickle some toes, or make some silly noises. The natural smiles and laughter that follow will be much better than “cheesy” grins.

5. Have fun. The “perfect” shot may not be the one with all eyes open and staring at the camera. Your favorite moment might be the one where your son is looking up at dad making mooing sounds while your daughter is tangling her fingers in your hair.

You are making memories and freezing those moments in time.

If you haven’t done a family photo lately, it’s not too late. Do it today.

My boys and I last year. We have chosen the couch as our traditional spot for a photo.

Tyann Marcink
documenting life