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The process of helping and giving advice to someone less experienced

When I was a little girl, I always wanted to be a teacher. My life path did not go down the road of a four year degree in teaching, though. Instead, I took the steps of life experience (along with three associate degrees and enough credits for a bachelor’s degree).

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Hosting, managing, workflow, marketing


Vacation rentals, small business, non-profits


Vacation Rentals, Businesses, Headshots


Vacation Rentals, Small Businesses, E-commerce


Each of us is created differently – from the way our brain works, how we learn and absorb information, and the method we apply that information, to the way we impart that knowledge to other people.

When you choose a mentor or a coach, there are several factors to consider to help you ensure the best success for your goals:

Trust and Respect

Do you trust the person you want to mentor you? Do you respect them for their knowledge and experience? Don’t bother pursuing someone to coach you if you don’t trust them to lead you.


What kind of experience do you feel is important for your mentor to have? And how deep of an experience? Are you looking for someone who has had quick success in 2 years or for someone who has withstood the test of time through struggles, failures, and victories?


What are your goals? Have you thought about the definition of success of your goals? Each of us has a different definition of success, make sure your mentor understands not just your goals but how you view success.


Are you drawn to the personality of the person you want to mentor you? Or is there something in your gut that groans while you do a mental eye roll when you hear suggestions from someone?

My Experiences

  • Vacation rental host and manager since 2007
  • Currently have 2 brands, own 5 properties, manage 5, and building 2 more
  • Houses range from a tiny house to a 10 bedroom purpose-built home
  • Speaker at industry conferences worldwide (2013-now)
  • Community Ambassador for Touch Stay digital welcome books (2018-now)
  • Co-creator of VR Mastered Vacation Rental Boot Camp (2017-now)
  • Consultant for HomeAway (2014-2018)
  • Website and graphic design (2009-now)
  • Professional photographer (2009-now)
  • Love of the Game Art for sports fans (2009-now)
  • Little Elephant Company custom hand painted children’s room decor (2005-now)
  • Altemueller Jewelry sales, purchasing, accounts receivable (1999-2007)
  • Associates of Arts degrees in English, Journalism, and Communications

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The best fast track is to learn from those who have blazed the trail before you. Learn from their mistakes and their pivotal moments in life and business. These lessons from coaches, mentors, and consultants are valuable and beneficial.

Grow, pivot, and thrive. I’ll be your biggest cheerleader.

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