Before our photowalk.

 <---There is my first workshop class! I was thrilled that 20 photographers packed the presentation room at St. Peter's UCC last Thursday! The skill range was from beginners up to serious amateurs, so I was a little nervous, hoping that I would be able to share at least one new thing for each person. After my presentation, I answered a few questions, and then we headed outside. The sun was beginning its descent and was lighting up the clouds just beautifully. Our route took us to downtown Washington, pausing to snap photos of gardens and historic brick buildings. The sky was a gorgeous and dramatic background, making it easy for my class to find beautiful compositions.

Dramatic clouds to the east during the sunset.

The sunset was stunning as it lit the sky on fire.

I really enjoyed walking with the class, stopping every little bit to help them find the compositions and settings they had in mind. My favorite was watching as they put to use the knowledge I had just shown them in class.

Understanding and comprehending the relation between aperture and depth of field, as well as how the exposure triangle works, can be intimidating. But I think it “clicked” with some of the attendees.

With the overwhelming response immediately after the workshop from people who had not been able to attend, I am looking at holding the photography basics workshop again. And, I hope to develop a series of workshops that focus on specific subjects, like the moon, fireworks, bokeh, aperture and depth of field, composition, and post processing.

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Self portrait after the workshop. :)