I talked about God in a high school classroom.And I survived.

It was an innocent question. Yet I sincerely doubt the high school student knew her question was as complicated as asking, “What is the meaning of life?”

One minute before the bell would ring. One last question to answer.

She raised her hand, and the teacher nodded at her.

Leaning forward, she asked, “How do you balance work and family?”

I paused.

Do I fumble through with an answer that talks about schedules and lists to maintain my sanity?

That there are at least 5 different mini lists and a main to do list on my desk at all times? That I will add things I have done to my list just to have the satisfaction of crossing them off?

Do I tell her that the cleanliness of my house suffers as a trade off of getting work finished? Maybe mention that I feel my house is clean enough if my kitchen counters are clean even though the floors might be quite dusty in the spots where no one walks.

I told her the truth.

It is by the grace of God that I can balance work and family.

My faith in Him is the foundation of surviving and thriving in this world.

I told her I take time for a small devotional reading in the mornings as often as possible. That I am currently memorizing an entire chapter in the Bible (Psalms 25), and I’ve been working on it for over a year, but I am almost there.

That God is the reason that my husband and I are going to be celebrating 15 years of a healthy marriage in April.

Then the bell rang.