I know, it’s about time, right? Finally, a blog for Marcink Designs! A place to share more of my beautiful photos and the stories that go with them.

I will also share some before and after shots of my photographs, as well as a tip here and there to help you grow and learn. [Disclaimer: Tips may or may not be about photography.]

So, here, on the left, is me! This photo was taken by the very talented and kind-hearted Slava Bowman when we were on a photowalk in Downtown Washington, Missouri. Just a quick snap in the doorway of Otis Campbell’s of me and my Nikon D7000.

I am a serious hobbyist/amateur photographer. I mainly enjoy creating images of landscapes and architecture when I don’t have the camera aimed at my three boys and dear husband.

The more I learn about photography, the more I love it. Last month I started a Facebook page for the photographers in my area to connect and share with each other (Franklin County Area Photographers), and I am having a blast getting to know others and being inspired by their photographic creations.

When I am not creating photos or processing them, I am:

  • an amazing wife to my wonderful husband
  • a marvelous mother of three boys, currently ages 4, 6, and 8 years old [that’s what I am told]
  • handpainting quilt clips and my line of children’s room decor, the Little Elephant Company
  • managing our vacation homes in Branson, Missouri
  • creating photographic
  • designing websites and graphics for local businesses and other vacation home rentals
  • going on photowalks with FCAP
  • and building friendships with my delightful friends.

Of course, there is more to me…every woman has some mystery about her. I am sure you will see glimpses of deep inside of me in my posts, photographs, and stories.

Me on my birthday this year with my hubby and boys. I took this shot with my handy wireless remote.

About the photograph below

This is the Waterworks building in Downtown Washington, Missouri. It now houses an antique shop and is nestled between the Missouri River and a set of train tracks. I took this photo after the sun set, as the blue in the sky was deepening. One of my favorite elements of a photograph, besides the blues of blue hour, is the starburst effect on lights. Here there are several – the light over the restroom building, the parking lot lights for the Riverfront Trail, and behind the trees on the right are the lights from the Washington bridge crossing the river.

I shot this while on a photowalk with two new FCAP friends a couple weeks ago. We walked around for nearly 4 hours on a Sunday evening, capturing several hundred photos. When I processed this photo, I first made it black and white then brought the color back into it just a little to give it more of a vintage feel.

Waterworks Antiques, Washington, Missouri