Most people don’t answer the “Unknown” call early on a summer vacation morning…but I always do. You never know who might be calling you.

Besides, if it is a telemarketer, you can always have fun with them and ask what their favorite color is. Or maybe what their quest is. Or even the air speed velocity of an unladen African swallow…

Back to this morning, though. This time, the “Unknown” phone call was from New York. It was one of my favorite photography industry companies – MeFOTO. I’ve been using their tripod RoadTrip for more than two years now.

Last year, I even had an issue with my tripod when a leg came apart. Their support department was super friendly and had my tripod back to me in less than a week, all spiffy again, just in time to shoot the fireworks.

So with the second Vacation Rental World Summit coming up, I thought it would be awesome to give away some of my fave photography gear. I emailed MeFOTO and asked if they would help make me the coolest presenter at VRWS, and I would help them get in front of a new audience.

Two emails later, and Alan Shapiro with MeFOTO is chatting with me as my morning tea is steeping. Watch for some fun stuff with my new colorful RoadTrip coming soon…and I get to give some away as well. :)

Watch me build my new RoadTrip in the video below…what colors would you choose? Build your own RoadTrip at MeFOTO here.


Updated 8-3-15

Yep, I’m the girl who had her sister video her opening the new tripod. Lol.