It started like any other approaching winter weather – an advisory and then a watch from the National Weather Service.

But this storm would be different…

It’s not winter here – it’s officially SPRING!

Last week we enjoyed warmer temperatures, and I put away all of our winter coats, hats, and gloves. And then, I had to get them back out for some snow…

The view from my window half way through the day.
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Not just any snow…but nearly 12 inches of snow!

It sure was pretty, though, watching it fall all day Sunday…piling up into a heavy, pristine white blanket…

Until 4:57 p.m.

That’s when the power went out.

And where we live, that means there is no water either.

I can handle the cold house. No problem – layer on the sweatshirts and pile on the blankets. Let’s get some McD’s for dinner and play UNO by candlelight.

Noah reads to his brothers by flashlight.
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But only so many toilet flushes remained…

We are new to the well water scene, so it did not even occur to me to fill the bathtubs with water so we can flush the toilets. That would have been pretty smart, huh?

In the morning, the power was still out.

Our house the morning after the snow had fallen.
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So, we emptied the fridge and buried our milk and cheese. Yep, I had just gone grocery shopping the day before.

Noah buries the frozen food next to the driveway.
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Thankfully, we live just a mile outside of town, so we hopped into the Tahoe to go visiting.

The Ameren trucks pulled up our road while we were preparing to leave for the day, so I prayed they would have power restored soon. The cause listed on the company website was wire damage.

To the rescue!
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It took them all day. Literally. Power came back on around 5:30 pm last night, making it just over 24 hours without electricity.

It was one last little sledding hurrah for the winter…I mean, spring…

Did I mention we are on Spring Break this week?

The trees in the first photo? Here they are last year, same weekend:

Last year – March 23, 2012 – spring is here!

Tyann Marcink
documenting life