Zing! The red laser connected with my vest. My blue lights flashed, and I felt a soft vibration.

Quickly ducking down, I made my way to a little spot out of sight for a few seconds until I powered up again.

Glancing around, I couldn’t see anybody at all.

But they were there. Somewhere.

About 30 others, creeping in the partial darkness, the only lights being purple blacklights, white strobes, and red and green lasers.

Heading up the ramp, my trigger finger was ready in case I met a group of kids coming down.

Zap! Zing! Wheep!

I got them. Buzz! Someone got me from behind. Jacob! My 6 year old stood patiently, waiting for my vest to power back on so he could tag me again with his laser.

Yesterday afternoon was energizing. My boys and I played laser tag and dodgeball with random strangers and challenged each other on a rock wall and a laser maze.

Super mom climbs the rock wall.

I totally rocked this rock wall at Sports Fusion. Rang the bell on all three climbs.

It was a blast having fun together as a family, showing my boys that mom isn’t all photography and business boring.

I get stuck in the business rut all too often. It consumes me. When you have your own business and are the sole person in charge of not just the product ideas, but all aspects, including creating, designing, marketing, accounting, risk assessment, time management…the list goes on…I feel as if there is not enough time in the world to finish business tasks, let alone do anything else that is not business related.

The past two weeks, I have attempted to separate myself from business and focus on my boys while they are home from school. One thing I have learned is that I find I gravitate to my office, and they gravitate to the electronics. It’s easy. And dinner is still super late.

So 2014 will be different. I will change my work habits. It may mean installing a door to my office/workshop so that it has set open hours. Maybe that will help? A physical presence to when I can work?

I may not respond to emails at lightening speed or surprise my husband with flying through Quickbooks to keep the accounting current, but I can still look like super mom while playing with my boys.