I sat down with Angela Pointon, professor of marketing and business at Drexel University and a professional photographer, and we discussed finding perfect guests for your vacation rental property.

There is pure gold in our conversation, so take 15 minutes to listen to us discuss the top three keys to success. We even talk about exactly how to ask for a review from your guests.

This is an interview from 2015 — republishing for 2020 with updated links to Angela’s new business.

Below is a quick cheat sheet of our conversation with times noted so you can skip around if you need to revisit a portion. Seriously, though, you will want to listen to all of it.

Trust me.

0:00 Intro
1:28 How to find the perfect guest
1:50 Exercise of persona definition
2:20 My target guests
3:10 Outliers
4:00 What to do if your current persona just isn’t working
5:25 Questions to ask about your target guests
5:40 Key to inspire travelers to choose your place
6:47 Angela talks about choosing a VR for herself
8:10 How the owners sold her on the property she chose
10:05 Why reviews are critical
11:00 Leveraging your reviews
11:45 How to ask for a review
14:05 Free marketing and business advice from Angela

Angela’s website, newsletter sign up, and business classes: 11outof11.com

What is one of the golden nuggets that you learned from our conversation?