Communication with guests can be a circus, as my friend Andy McNulty wrote about on the Touch Stay blog.

His article is an excellent illustration of what it feels like to communicate, why it is necessary to communicate with so many different methods, and how to gasp get your guests to read information — with a trick up your sleeve.

UPDATED February 2024

Each owner/manager/host/innkeeper has their own way of doing their communication flow, and we at Branson Family Retreats and Missouri Haus Vacation Rentals are always tweaking our processes and looking for ways to improve our communication.

We do these tweaks based on who our target guest is, how our guests respond to our communications, and what we see works for others (if it is something that fits the first two criteria, that is!). Here is our current flow after booking one of our Branson Family Retreats vacation homes:

Branson Family Retreats communication flow


Memo is the SMS text service on the Touch Stay platform.

We are currently experimenting with a video hello a day or two after a guest books and then a concierge call 10-14 days before arrival.

Everything is automated except for the video hello, the phone calls, and sending the cards — the task work is downloading spreadsheet of names/addresses from PMS, uploading to the card company, then clicking Send. We use Mailbox Power for sending the cards. Click here for our referral link or enter TYANN in the code box to gain access to their platform.