Blurry photos can cause you undeniable pull-your-hair-out, what-am-I-doing-wrong frustration.

Vacation rental photography expert Tyann Marcink and Atlanta based photographer Gary Lun of The Photography Express discuss three easy tips to getting sharp photos.

Gary comes from a background in portrait work, so there are a few references and tips that relate more to portraits than to vacation rentals. But don’t skip what he says.

If you don’t have nine and a half minutes to watch the whole video, following are the parts you can skip to:

0:00 introduction
0:55 Tip 1 – light
Important point: have enough light for the shutter speed you need to use. If you have low light and need to use a fast shutter speed, that is when you may need to introduce extra tools to help you.
2:15 soft box
2:45 soft and hard light
3:25 off camera flash
3:45 best flash to use
4:50 Tip 2 – tripod
Gary uses a Manfrotto and Tyann uses a MeFOTO
6:25 Tip 3 – slide, not tilt
7:20 where to find further tips
7:38 see Gary’s sites
8:38 Gary wrote an article for the Digital Photography School

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More about Gary:
Gary Lun is a portrait photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. He enjoys sharing his passion in photography and writing tips and tricks on his blog The Photography Express. You can also check his portfolio here.

Easiest way to contact Gary:
Twitter: @thephotoexpress

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