The twinkling lights are mesmerizing.

But those teensy sparkles on the Christmas tree trick your camera into some pretty awful stunts…like making the flash go off.

You know you need a photo of this year’s holiday decor to help you market to next year’s holiday guests. So before putting away your Christmas tree with the shiny ornaments, grab your camera and get a pretty photo of it all.

In the video below, I show you how to create an image of your gorgeous Christmas tree, like the tree on the right.

Or, don’t watch the video, and snap a quick boring shot of your Christmas¬†tree, like the tree on the left.

How to Photograph Your Christmas Tree

Choose your tree: snap a photo for the tree on the left or create a photo for the tree on the right.


 Watch the video below or click here to go to YouTube.


Originally published December 18, 2015

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