Hints of a project infused with graffiti, a Corvette, Jimmy Fallon inspiration, and photography…

…and now I can reveal it to you. Yeah!

It’s big.
My head is still spinning.
I am simply amazed at how God moves little puzzle pieces, and when you finally have the opportunity to see more of the picture, it can be overwhelming.

So here it is:

Vacation Rental World Summit 2014

I am one of 12 speakers for the Vacation Rental World Summit 2014.

A few questions you might have:

What is the Vacation Rental World Summit?
It’s awesome, really. An online conference you can participate in while lounging on your comfy couch  in your favorite jammies. But more than that, it is leading experts, masters of vacation rentals, sharing their valuable knowledge and secrets of the vacation rental business.

What in the world will you teach?
Photography – the tools, settings, post processing, and more.

What part is Jimmy Fallon inspired?

Do you really have graffiti and a Corvette in your photography training video?

Are you giving away anything in conjunction with this major event?

What are you giving away???
Everyone who signs up for my Vacation Rental Photography Tips love notes will receive Chapter 8 in my eBook Create Killer Vacation Rental Property Photos, show notes on equipment, software, and techniques, a BONUS eBook, and be entered into a drawing to win a one hour mentoring session with me,

Yes. More info on mentoring is here.

When can I sign up for the free stuff and enter to win the mentoring session?
Hang tight. Not yet. I’ll let you know when.

Is the summit something that would benefit me even if I am not a vacation rental owner?
Actually…yes. There will also be training from other speakers on marketing and other business aspects that you can apply to whatever field you are in.

How do I sign up for the FREE event?
Click here.

I can’t make the event! Can I get access to the video for when I have time?
Yes! You will have the opportunity to purchase the entire set of training from the World Summit. (And I would love for you to use my link when you purchase – I’ll let you know when it is available.)

Who are the other 11 presenters?
Awesome people. I’ll update you when the list has been officially released.

The best way to stay on top of all the good stuff is to get on my vacation rental marketing email list.

You can sign up right here:

Feel free to comment below with any questions. This event will be beyond fantastic!

Tyann Marcink
Marcink Designs
Create Killer Vacation Rental Property Photos – eBook now available