That was my word for 2016. I even had it stamped on a charm that I wore around my neck nearly every single day.

One thing about the word bloom is that in can be a noun or a verb. In a sense, my work bloomed in 2016, and I did so as a person as well, becoming a bloom in a field of many other beautiful and unique blooms.

Last year I traveled more in a year than I had ever before. Actually, I probably traveled more in that one year than the previous 35 years put together…well, almost. Lol.

A few stats:

  • 10 states (Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, California, Florida, Washington, Texas, Tennessee, Hawaii, Georgia)
  • 9 industry articles published (see them here)
  • 8 conferences (taught at 4, shot at 3, and in attendance at 1)
  • 6 National Parks (The Gateway Arch, Cabrillo National Monument, Golden Gate, San Francisco Maritime,  Joshua Tree, Yosemite)
  • 4 countries (US, Canada, Mexico, Bahamas)
  • 3 photos published in magazines (Behind the Shutter, Feast, Vacation Rental Travels)
  • 1 canyon (Waimea Canyon in Kauai)
  • 100s of people met face to face

Looking back over the year, my heart smiles that I have been able to not only meet so many people, but I have also been able to share my skills and knowledge to help them in their own successes.

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