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Why the Vacation Rental World Summit is Different from other Conferences and Summits

8 Reasons the Vacation Rental World Summit Differs from Other Conferences and Summits

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I took a big risk with my original writing, and it looks like it was a mistake. By the way, I am human and make mistakes. Some of you got to see one in your email inbox even.

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If you have followed me for awhile, you know I m pretty straight forward and lay out my thoughts, so check out my top 8 reasons why I think the VRWS differs from other conferences and summits:

1. There are 12 speakers. Not just a handful, but 12 major industry experts are presenting at the World Summit. That’s 12 people sharing explicit knowledge on their respective areas of expertise, as well as willing to chat with attendees online during and after the presentations.

2. The cost is unbelievable. No travel, only a connection to the world wide web. What else could you get for the same price as the Early Bird ticket? I could get 73 loaves of Bunny Bread. Or a mani/pedi for myself and two friends. Or two tickets to see Wicked at the Fabulous Fox Theatre. Or the VRWS ticket with an awesome ROI for my vacation rental.

3. The variety of presentations. There are so many different subjects that will be discussed over the three days of presentations, that it may be overwhelming to owners and managers. Don’t get overwhelmed. You get access to these videos for the rest of your life.

4. There is no guessing if a conference room will be too hot or too cold. See, this is one of those conference attendee games that people will miss out on. And the VRWS being online takes the guessing game and the need to dress in layers away.

5. The denied pleasure of smelling the mixture of hundreds of different cologne and perfume scents in one room. Enough said. Now the VRWS forces one to only smell the pumpkin spice candle in the kitchen.

6. There is no standing in the middle of the room wondering which group of people to walk up to and say hi. The VRWS is taking away the choice of whether to introduce yourself to the group drinking wine and laughing loudly or the group that looks like they are in intense conversation and about to solve the world’s problems. Instead, we have to chat online and use emojis and common chatting acronyms. SMH

7. There is no need to madly take notes. Antonio Bartolotti (the organizer) took away the need by making all of the presentations available to attendees forever. Seriously, dude?

8. The feeling that you learned very little and wasted your money is gone. Not only do attendees of the VRWS get to watch the presentations over and over to their heart’s content, they will get their money back if they decide that the VRWS was horrible with Antonio’s 30 day money back guarantee.

If you still want to attend the Vacation Rental World Summit, be my guest. Grab your ticket here or get more info here.

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I’ll be there myself, even though I don’t get to wear my heels. On second thought, maybe I will wear my heels anyway while I’m chatting with all of you and having a glass of wine.

P.S. You can see my 30 second teaser video about my presentation here.

P.S.S. Did I mention that I am giving away my favorite gear at the VRWS? Yep, you can win a MeFOTO BYOT RoadTrip tripod ($249 value). Check out the MeFOTO gear here.

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