This is a good thing. A very good thing.

Working with HomeAwayVacation rental owners have been asking HomeAway (aka VRBO) to listen to them as the vacation rental industry continues to evolve. HomeAway is definitely listening and taking owner feedback into consideration as they make changes, and one of the ways HomeAway is doing this is having me on their team to give advice from an owner’s point of view.

I’m akin to a voice of reason saying, “Hey, that change is not beneficial to the owners!” or “What if this change is made to help out the owners?”

You will still see my unbiased viewpoint in my writings, and you will also get the opportunity to be a part of feedback that I will take to HomeAway to help make the vacation rental industry better for you.

I am working with HomeAway because I know they are committed to owner success.

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Tyann Marcink